EDH Commander Tier List

EDH Commander Tier List

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In looking at the EDH commander tier list, it is best to divide them into five categories. The categories are Titans, Exemplary, Competitive, High Power, and Fringe Competitive. www.edh-commanders.com ranks them as follows:


Most Titans are great commanders. Here are some that you should look out for in your deck.

  • Zur the Enchanter
  • Dissident Mage, Kess
  • Triton Hero, Thrasios
  • The Returned King, Kenrith
  • Tymna the Weaver
  • Ludevic’s Opus, Kraum
  • The first Silver

There are many other great titans but stay away from the Frost Titan.


Competitive EDH commanders are ideal if you want to achieve the highest possible power levels. The format for playing at the competitive level is different in that some common limitations are not there. The decks are made strong by eliminating budgets, fast combos, pet cards, and a few other limitations. Some of the commanders in this list are:

  • Chulane, the teller of tales
  • Anje Falkenrath
  • Empyrial tactician, Derevi
  • General Tazri
  • Bandit Warlord, Godo
  • Edric the spymaster of Trest and many more

High Power

High power commanders are cards that rate at levels 8-10. Some of the commanders that are ideal at this level are:

  • Captain Sisay
  • Arcum Dagsson
  • First of Locthwain, Ayara
  • Dalakos the crafter of wonders
  • Child of Alara
  • Ephara the god of Polis
  • Gyrda from the Depths of doom
  • Jalira the master polymorphyst
  • Gaddock Teeg
  • Neheb the champion of Dreadhorde and many more

Competitive and Fringe Competitive Commanders

Competitive EDH commanders rate at level 2 while fringe competitive commanders are at 2.5. This is the major difference between the two. Some competitive commanders are:

  • Bruse Tarl the Boorish Herder
  • Edric the spymaster of Trest
  • Soul of elements of Animar
  • Chulane the teller of tales
  • Archmage ritualist, Inalla
  • Hapatra the vizier of poisons, among others

All these commanders in the tier list are just an example of what you can choose from if you want to play using the elite EDH commanders.

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