We’re all for travel but can there be times when virtual travel is best?

We’re all for travel but can there be times when virtual travel is best?

Boarding a plane during a pandemic isn’t easy. It also isn’t a good idea. Likewise flying when you don’t need to puts pressure on the environment—sometimes the best way of travelling is by going there virtually.

Google Earth… VR?

OK, so you want to see somewhere on the other side of the world. Singapore, or Miami, or London. Nothing will feel like being there, but in times of travel restrictions it’s a good to have an alternative. With VR technology, it’s possible to get something like the feeling of being there. You can see the sights at least. But you’re right in thinking that it’s still too limited to call it any kind of real experience. Let’s face it, virtual travel is a bust for sightseeing. There’s only one real way it’s worth it–seeing friends and family, or going to business meetings. Online interactions can help us keep in touch but what’s missing is being face-to-face.

Video calling

You’ve probably tried it many times. It works, often not very well, but it works. The main reason why it’s a less than satisfying way of seeing friends and relatives in other countries is mostly a matter of the hardware you’re using. Relying on a laptop microphone and camera will give you a grainy image and tinny sound at both ends. The real solution is a system with a dedicated video conferencing setup. The kind of technology where you feel like you’re really able to have a proper face-to-face with someone even hundreds of miles away. (You can get the tech from companies like NEETS – explore here). The difference in the experience will convince you that virtual travel can be a good alternative for keeping in touch with friends and family, as well as for business.

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