Copenhagen: a beautiful modern city that showcases the best of Denmark

Copenhagen: a beautiful modern city that showcases the best of Denmark

No other city in the world manages to combine the excitement and buzz you’d expect of a nation’s capital with the more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere typical of the Danish national character.

Whether it’s looking for art and culture, a vibrant nightlife, or visiting on business there’s one thing that the international traveller has learned to worry about when visiting Scandinavian countries. The price. Starting with the main requirement of any city break, vacation, or business trip, you’ll want to look for accommodation that doesn’t break the bank. It’s all too easy to have your trip ruined by staying somewhere that doesn’t meet your requirements or worse that is totally unsuitable–particularly when you’re paying Scandinavian prices. A little careful digging will reveal that there are options for a cheap hostel in Copenhagen without leaving you in dissatisfied with the service, the room, or the location.

Danhostel meets the highest standards at a decent price

Modern 5 star accommodation located right in the heart of the city and within easy reach of the main tourist attractions, the best restaurants, and Copenhagen’s main high street stores. Whether you plan to visit the Royal Palace at Amalienborg, enjoy the rides of Tivoli Gardens, take in the bohemian charm of the free town of Christiania, or stroll along a kilometre’s worth of shopping opportunities on the “Strøget”, Danhostel is ideally situated for you.

Then again, with the family-friendly restaurant, the lively but well-regulated bar with special events such as DJs and live music, and the comfort of your room, you may find you just want to enjoy some time relaxing in the hotel itself.

Take the stress out of choosing somewhere to stay when you visit Copenhagen and with the money you’ll save on accommodation, you can afford a little more shopping…

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